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Twenty-five symptomatic patients of chronic heart failure were subjected to spirometry to detect abnormalities of pulmonary function and to assess the effect of ipratropium bromide in reversing or minimising these abnormalities. All the patients exhibited abnormal pulmonary function manifesting as obstructive (15/25) or restrictive (10/25) ventilatory(More)
BACKGROUND Importance of repairing a diaphragmatic tear due to a missile injury cannot be overemphasized. Even a small diaphragmatic rent should be repaired because of morbidity and mortality caused by subsequent herniation and strangulation. METHODS Fifty-three cases with diaphragmatic injuries caused by penetrating missiles were studied from January(More)
Mislocalization of axonal proteins can result in misassembly and/or miswiring of neural circuits, causing disease. To date, only a handful of genes that control polarized localization of axonal membrane proteins have been identified. Here we report that Drosophila X11/Mint proteins are required for targeting several proteins, including human amyloid(More)
Myxomas are the most common type of cardiac tumours in all age groups accounting for one-third to one-half of cases at postmortum and for about three quarter of tumours treated surgically. Most atrial myxomas, whether left or right, arise from the atrial septum. About 10% have other sites of origin, particularly posterior wall, anterior wall and the(More)
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