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Individual common carp Cyprinus carpio were screened repeatedly for risk taking (rate of exploration of a novel, potentially dangerous environment) and for competitive ability (success in gaining access to a spatially restricted food source). Marked differences in behaviour were evident, and significant consistency in individual responses across trials was(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of a psychiatric intervention in treating depression (treatment study) and the effect of a psychological treatment in preventing depression (prevention study) after hip fracture in older people. DESIGN Two linked randomized, controlled trials. SETTING Orthopedic units in Manchester, England. PARTICIPANTS Two hundred(More)
Oestrogen is recognized as important for maintaining bone mass in men and women. Oestrogen receptor (ER) alpha and the recently described ER-beta are both expressed in bone cells, but have different affinities for oestrogen agonists and plant oestrogens, which could be important in developing treatments for bone loss in both men and women. It is unclear,(More)
BACKGROUND The pain and disability of hip and knee osteoarthritis can be improved by exercise, but the best method of encouraging this is not known. AIM To develop an evidence-based booklet for patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis, offering information and advice on maintaining activity. DESIGN OF STUDY Systematic review of reviews and guidelines,(More)
BACKGROUND Hip and knee osteoarthritis is a common cause of pain and disability, which can be improved by exercise interventions. However, regular exercise is uncommon in this group because the low physical activity level in the general population is probably reduced even further by pain related fear of movement. The best method of encouraging increased(More)
BACKGROUND Proximal femoral fracture is a common, major health problem in old age resulting in loss of functional independence and a high-cost burden on society, with estimated health and social care costs of £2.3 billion per year in the UK. Rehabilitation has the potential to maximise functional recovery and maintain independent living, but evidence of(More)
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