Glyn H. George

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In this paper the comparative performances of the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) drive system using proportional integral (PI) controller, proportional integral derivative (PID) controller, adaptive neural network (NN) controller, and wavelet based multiresolution proportional integral derivative (MRPID) controller are presented. In the(More)
This paper proposes a comprehensive and systematic approach in developing a new switching lookup table for direct power control (DPC) based on grid virtual flux estimation, implemented in a grid-connected three-phase ac-to-dc converter. The approach provides detailed information regarding the effects of a particular converter voltage space vector to the(More)
This paper investigates a virtual flux control for reducing the number of sensors in the direct power control of a three phase ac-dc voltage source converter. The usage of input ac voltage sensors to determine the grid voltage angle for synchronization and estimation of the instantaneous active and reactive powers, are avoided by applying a virtual flux(More)
This paper presents real-time development, implementation and testing of a hybrid technique, based on d-q axis components and a wavelet packet transform (WPT), for differential protection of a salient pole synchronous generator. The high frequency sub-band contents of the d-q axis components of the output generated currents are analyzed using the WPT. It(More)
In this paper, an evaluation of signature performances for a hybrid dqWPT based differential protection technique for power transformers is carried out. The extracted signature, from the behavior of different types of transients in the power transformer, is tested and evaluated in order to provide a fast protection for power transformers. This algorithm(More)
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