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The European procedural guidelines for radionuclide imaging of myocardial perfusion and viability are presented in 13 sections covering patient information, radiopharmaceuticals, injected activities and dosimetry, stress tests, imaging protocols and acquisition, quality control and reconstruction methods, gated studies and attenuation-scatter compensation,(More)
Gone are the days of Victorian natural history, now replaced by detailed, quantified studies of socioecology. So says Craig Stanford in the introduction to this volume in the Karger series. The book follows the traditional format and is clearly produced on good-quality paper. The overall product is marred, however, by several unfortunate organizational(More)
Data are presented on the feeding behavior ofPresbytis rubicunda at Sepilok, north Borneo. Emphasis is given to describing the fruit-eating behavior of this small colobine monkey, which specializes in eating seeds from large, dull-colored, and fleshless fruits. The seed predation is conspicuously different from the seed dispersal effected by sympatric(More)
There are no large studies available to guide the selection of thallium (Tl), methoxyisobutylisonitrile (MIBI) or tetrofosmin (Tf) for myocardial perfusion imaging. Our objective was to compare the technical and clinical performance of the three in routine clinical practice. We randomised 2,560 patients to receive Tl, MIBI or Tf. A 1-day stress/rest(More)
This article reports our experiences deploying statistical methods at BAE Systems Network Systems (BAE NS), a software and systems development organization. We focus not on the methods' mathematical details but on the problem of deploying them to managers and practitioners. Of course, misunderstanding and misuse of these methods will interfere with their(More)
Background—Both radionuclide perfusion tracers and contractile response to dobutamine have been used to identify hibernating myocardium. The aim was to compare Tl (thallium) single photon emission CT (SPECT), Tctetrofosmin (tetrofosmin) SPECT, and dobutamine cine MRI for identifying regions of reversible myocardial dysfunction. Methods and Results—Thirty(More)
The rapid disruption of tropical forests probably imperils global biodiversity more than any other contemporary phenomenon. With deforestation advancing quickly, protected areas are increasingly becoming final refuges for threatened species and natural ecosystem processes. However, many protected areas in the tropics are themselves vulnerable to human(More)
RATIONALE When evaluating complex, tailorable digital behavioural interventions, additional approaches may be required alongside established methodologies such as randomised controlled trials (RCTs). Research evaluating a computer-assisted therapy (CAT) programme for substance misuse, Breaking Free Online (BFO), is informed by Medical Research Council (MRC)(More)
BACKGROUND Substance misuse services within the United Kingdom have traditionally been oriented to opiate and crack users, and attended predominantly by male service users. Groups who do not fit this demographic, such as women or those whose primary drug of choice is neither heroin nor crack, have tended to be underrepresented in services. In addition,(More)