Glykeria Karagouni

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The main objective of the present study is to understand the way in which Technological Innovation Capabilities of an industry at the level of its firms, affect the efficiency and the potential of small and micro firms that have to gain their competitive advantage through differentiation and innovation, rather than cost leadership. It attempts to draw on(More)
Innovation is considered fundamental for the survival and sustainability of furniture manufacturers in Greece and Europe at least. The paper presents a draft summary of the techno-economic analysis of a nonincremental furniture innovation called GSF as an acronym of green and smart furniture. It regards a smart and purely ecological main entrance furniture(More)
The international literature has dealt extensively with innovativeness, both in theory, as well as in a pleiad of empiric studies. Radical innovations encompass high quality action that contributes to the creation of new sectors, products or markets. Cooper (1998) adds that as long as innovations become more radical, they lead to evident and risky removal(More)
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