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This thesis considers the form and function of the visual communication of historical information in computer-based media. By applying new techniques derived from traditional graphic design and cinema, such as infinite zoom, translucency, and animation, the traditional timeline is transformed into a dynamic, three-dimensional framework for the interactive(More)
I have created an automatic cinematography system for an interactive virtual environment. This system controls a virtual camera and several virtual lights in a three-dimensional " world " inhabited by a group of autonomous and user-controlled characters. The virtual camera chooses the perspective from which the world is displayed on a flat screen. The(More)
Increasing amounts of research are being dedicated to the representation of video sequences in terms of component parts which are rendered and composited according to scripting information. Representations chosen range from two-dimensional layers all the way through full three-dimensional databases. These types of representations show great promise for(More)
Clinical and radiological techniques were used to examine the lumbar movements of 11 male subjects with no history of low back pain. The clinical techniques were shown liable to large errors, particularly where distances between skin marks were measured. The use of an inclinator was the only clinical technique found to be reproducible by different(More)
A conversational computer character may improve students' story writing processes in ways existing software cannot. Writing stories is of great benefit to elementary students, but several factors make story writing difficult. Children comfortable with the interchange of spoken dialog cannot write as fluently without a tangible audience and the usual(More)
Can we use technology to build and strengthen bonds within communities? Can we build technology that will help to elaborate and preserve the shared history of a community? Can we make the technology easy to use, even for beginning computer users? Community Memory is an attempt to answer those questions. It is a Web-based environment where a community can(More)
In this thesis I present a set of interactive portraits that strive to create an intimate experience between the viewer and the portrayed subject, a meaningful experience, one of personal reflection. My interactive portraits extend traditional photographic portraiture adding both motion and interaction. I present seven interactive prototype portraits that(More)
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