Gloria Uccello Barretta

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Pt nanoclusters have been generated by reaction of Pt vapour and mesitylene vapour and the role of the mesitylene/platinum ratio and the Pt particle size has been evaluated, quenching the resulting mesitylene solvated Pt atoms with 1,3-divinyltetramethyldisiloxane (DVS) as additional ligand. The Pt particle sizes have been estimated on the basis of DOSY(More)
The observed 5-HT1A and alpha1-adrenergic receptor (alpha1-AR) receptor binding properties of a series of 23 thienopyrimidinones were used to develop HASL 3D-QSAR models. A single, low energy conformer of the most active analogue in the series, which was consistent with NMR structural studies, was chosen as a template molecule. Alignments of all the(More)
The rather consistent comments from two expert scientists reveal significant interest in this dataset. You will also recognize that both demand (i) further-reaching results to corroborate specificity of the compound and (ii) convincing establishment of its biological activity in better suited in-vivo system followed by thorough pathological examination of(More)
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