Gloria Stewart

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The assessment and measurement of disability and handicap are of particular relevance in rehabilitation, as these are the main foci of therapeutic intervention. The area of handicap is the least developed with few measuring tools to provide an objective assessment of status. The Environmental Status Scale (ESS) is now becoming increasingly utilized to(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to create a model of cognitive and noncognitive measures that could estimate the probability of achieving a given level of performance on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE). METHODS A retrospective records review of admissions information used by six universities was conducted to discover(More)
PURPOSE Understanding job satisfaction in academia is important in order to recruit and retain faculty. Faculty members with greater job dissatisfaction are more likely to leave than faculty members who are satisfied. Physician assistant (PA) faculty job satisfaction needs to be assessed to determine which job facets are satisfying or dissatisfying. (More)
OBJECTIVE The long-term care (LTC) sector in Canada is expanding, but little attention has been given to medical human resources in this area. Our objective was to seek LTC medical directors' opinions about medical services in LTC and about strategies for recruitment and retention. DESIGN Mailed survey. SETTING Long-term care facilities and nursing(More)
OBJECTIVES We identify and explain factors that affected a community's perception of risk due to extensive industrial contamination and people's distrust of government agencies regarding the environmental investigations. METHODS Intrinsic bounded case study methodology was used to conduct research about extensive environmental contaminations due to(More)
The treatment of incident pain in terminally ill cancer patients receiving long-term opioid therapy remains a challenge. Self-administered inhaled nitrous oxide has been used for short-term analgesia in this setting, with mixed results. It is unclear whether nitrous oxide exhibits cross-tolerance with opioids, and there is the possibility of a strong(More)
Consistent with previous literature, the results of a detailed survey mailed to clergy and physicians from a community known for its longstanding, excellent mental health system indicated extensive treatment and referral of mental health problems by clergy and physicians. Clergy and physicians, though, displayed very limited knowledge of mental health(More)