Gloria Puertas

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OBJECTIVES African and Asian cohort studies have demonstrated the feasibility and efficacy of HAART in resource-poor settings. The long-term virological outcome and clinico-immunological criteria of success remain important questions. We report the outcomes at 24 months of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in patients treated in a Médecins Sans(More)
OBJECTIVE We hypothesised that, in a non-Western setting where literacy was not universal, a visual measure (the FACES test) would be more valid than a traditional psychiatric questionnaire [the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ)] as a screening test for mood disorders. METHODS The study was nested within a randomised controlled trial of 450 patients with(More)
Afghanistan's health system is severely limited in terms of preventive and curative services, referral systems, and human resources. Most of the country's citizens reside in rural areas, a majority of which are served by "basic health units" (small and simple facilities that provide primary care), and these rural residents face additional challenges(More)
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