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BACKGROUND Dilated cardiomyopathy is characterized by an imbalance between left ventricular performance and myocardial energy consumption. Experimental models suggest that oxidative stress resulting from increased xanthine oxidase (XO) activity contributes to this imbalance. Accordingly, we hypothesized that XO inhibition with intracoronary allopurinol(More)
Innate immunity not only mediates early host defenses to infection, but also contributes to septic hemodynamic compromise through nitric oxide synthase (NOS2) induction and inhibition of cardiovascular adrenergic responses. Because of increased age-related susceptibility to sepsis, we hypothesized that hearts from old (28-29 months) adult rats would exhibit(More)
Cardiovascular aging is associated with decreased endothelial vasoreactivity and prolonged diastolic relaxation. As diminished NO signaling contributes to age-associated endothelial dysfunction, we tested the hypothesis that impaired NO signaling or bioactivity also contributes to slowed ventricular relaxation with age. Accordingly, we measured myocardial(More)
Afecta entre un 0,1 y un 2,5% según estudios, asociándose nor-malmente a agenesia del diente permanente correspondiente(de un 33 a un 70% según diversos estudios)(1-3,9,10). Afecta so-bre todo caninos e incisivos(1,11,12). Pacientes especiales / Special patients Diente fusionado / Fused tooth 225 Hay autores que no otorgan diferencias significativas sobre(More)
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