Gloria Mainar-Ruiz

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We present VC3, the first system that allows users to run distributed MapReduce computations in the cloud while keeping their code and data secret, and ensuring the correctness and completeness of their results. VC3 runs on unmodified Hadoop, but crucially keeps Hadoop, the operating system and the hyper visor out of the TCB, thus, confidentiality and(More)
Cloud services are rapidly gaining adoption due to the promises of cost efficiency, availability, and on-demand scaling. To achieve these promises, cloud providers share physical resources to support multi-tenancy of cloud platforms. However, the possibility of sharing the same hardware with potential attackers makes users reluctant to offload sensitive(More)
In this work, a fast approximate nearest neighbour search algorithm using single Space-filling Curve (SPFC) Mapping and a set of synthetic prototype representations is presented. The results are comparable to a multiplespacefilling scheme, but achieving a much faster execution time, since computing multiple transformations and SPFC Mapping’s is avoided, at(More)
Fay is a flexible platform for the efficient collection, processing, and analysis of software execution traces. Fay provides dynamic tracing through use of runtime instrumentation and distributed aggregation within machines and across clusters. At the lowest level, Fay can be safely extended with new tracing primitives, including even untrusted,(More)
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