Gloria López

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In a scanning electron microscope (SEM) an electron beam sets up an omni-directional source of scattered electrons within a specimen. Diffraction of these electrons will occur simultaneously on all lattice planes in the sample and the backscattered electrons (BSE), which escape from the specimen, will form a diffraction pattern that can be imaged on a(More)
There are various techniques available to measure human physical activity (PA). Accelerometer based techniques claim to be non-invasive and easy to use. The signal magnitude area (SMA) is the most extended feature used to measure the physical activity. It is calculated by sampling and filtering an accelerometer signal of at least at 50 Hz. SMA has a proven(More)
Bone mineral density (BMD), the major determinant of osteoporotic fracture risk, has a strong genetic component, and several candidate gene polymorphisms have been implicated in the regulation of this process. In view of the reported associations between the BMD and polymorphisms in the collagen type I alpha 1 gene (COL1A1), vitamin D receptor (VDR),(More)
During lactation, branched-chain aminotransferase (BCAT) gene expression increases in the mammary gland. To determine the cell type and whether this induction is present only during lactation, female rats were randomly assigned to one of three experimental groups: pregnancy, lactation, or postweaning. Mammary gland BCAT activity during the first days of(More)
The size distribution of particles has been studied in three sites in the Metropolitan area of Santiago de Chile in the winter of 2009 and a comparison with black carbon was performed. Two sites are located near busy streets in Santiago and the other site is located in a rural area about 40 km west of Santiago with little influence from vehicles, but large(More)
Triosephosphate isomerase from Trypanosoma cruzi (TcTIM), an enzyme in the glycolytic pathway that exhibits high catalytic rates of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate- and dihydroxyacetone-phosphate-isomerization only in its dimeric form, was screened against an in-house chemical library containing nearly 230 compounds belonging to different chemotypes. After(More)
FRTL-5 cells were shown to be suitable for the measurement of thyroid stimulating antibody (TSAb) present in sera of patients with Graves' disease. Current methods for the assay of TSAb require the separation of immunoglobulin G (IgG) from patient sera. In this report the possibility to measure TSAb directly on serum was evaluated using FRTL-5 cells. To(More)
BACKGROUND Type 2 diabetes is highly prevalent in populations having high rates of overweight and obesity. It is a chronic condition responsible for long-term severe dysfunction of several organs, including the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, and eyes. Although there are a number of pharmacologic products in the market to treat insulin resistance and(More)
The specific and sensitive detection of peroxynitrite (ONOO-/ONOOH) in biological systems is a great challenge due to its high reactivity towards several biomolecules. Herein, we validated the advantages of using fluorescein-boronate (Fl-B) as a highly sensitive fluorescent probe for the direct detection of peroxynitrite under biologically-relevant(More)