Gloria Huertas

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A formal set of design decisions can aid in using oscillation-based test (OBT) for analog subsystems in SoCs. The goal is to offer designers testing options that do not have significant area overhead, performance degradation, or test time. This work shows that OBT is a potential candidate for IP providers to use in combination with functional test(More)
A system for cell-culture real-time monitoring using an oscillation-based approach is proposed. The system transforms a cell culture under test into a suitable “biological” oscillator, without needing complex circuitry for excitation and measurement. The obtained oscillation parameters are directly related to biological test, owed to an(More)
This work presents a simple and low-cost method for on-chip evaluation of test signals coming from the application of the Oscillation-Based-Test (OBT) technique. This method extracts the main test signal features (amplitude, frequency and DC level) in the digital domain requiring just a very simple and robust circuitry. Experimental results obtained from an(More)
This paper presents a method for extracting, in the digital domain, the main characteristic parameters of an analog sine-wave signal. It is based on a double-modulation, square-wave and sigma-delta, together with a simple Digital Processing Algorithm. It leads to an efficient and robust approach very suitable for BIST applications. In this line, some(More)
This paper discusses the test of data converters using the so-called Oscillation Based Test (OBT) approach [1]. Extension of the concept as applied to filters and sigma-delta converters are considered, paying attention to those applications where monitoring along the circuit lifetime can be worthwhile, as is the case for hostile environments. In this case,(More)
A method for cell-culture real-time monitoring by means of Oscillation-Based Test (OBT) technique is proposed. The idea is inspired in previous works from the authors in the area of testing analogue integrated circuits and deals with solving some critical points in this kind of biological measurements. A simple topology based on a non-linear element in a(More)
In this paper, a way to test switched-capacitors ladder filters by means of Oscillation-Based Test (OBT) methodology is proposed. Thirdorder low-pass Butterworth and Elliptic filters are considered in order to prove the feasibility of the proposed approach. A topology with a non-linear element in an additional feedback loop is employed for converting the(More)