Gloria H. W. Liu

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In the knowledge-based economy, intellectual capital (IC) is of substantial importance. IC includes human capital, organizational capital and social capital. Applying IC is essential for an organization’s survival in a competitive industry such as news media. Reporters are vital human capital in news organizations. They are the knowledge workers who create(More)
The employee-centered thinking bears the hallmark of a postindustrialization era, which culminates in the attempt to manage and measure intangible assets. Nevertheless, invisibility of the IC construct per se generates insurmountable divisions ontologically and methodologically. We adopt a teleological perspective to classify and simplify extant IC metrics(More)
With the prevalence of electronic supply chain integration (e-SCI), increasingly more customers are asking their suppliers to integrate IT infrastructure for SCM and many suppliers indeed comply with their customers’ requests. However, a supplier can have multiple customers and limited resources . Therefore, the supplier typically responds to its customers’(More)
An essential problem in adopting an ERP system is to resolve misfits at each stage of the ERP experience cycle. In this paper, a multidimensional definition of ERP misfit is proposed to analyze misfit incidents and to examine how they were remedied at a Taiwanese manufacturer (CrystalCom). We conceptualize ERP misfit as temporary conflicts in functionality,(More)
While it is widely agreed that obtaining top management support is critical for the success of IT projects, little research has provided prescriptive implications for how such support can be obtained. Much of the prescriptive literature has argued for cognition-based approaches, where managers are persuaded to participate in an IT project using logical(More)
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