Gloria González Aseguinolaza

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RIG-I is a cytosolic sensor of viral RNA, comprised of two N-terminal CARDs followed by helicase and C-terminal regulatory domains (helicase-CTD). Viral RNA binds to the helicase-CTD and "exposes" the CARDs for downstream signaling. The role of the second CARD (CARD2) is essential as RIG-I activation requires dephosphorylation of Thr170 followed by(More)
Preclinical studies in mice and non-human primates showed that AAV serotype 5 provides efficient liver transduction and as such seems a promising vector for liver directed gene therapy. An advantage of AAV5 compared to serotype 8 already shown to provide efficient correction in a phase 1 trial in patients suffering from hemophilia B, is its lower(More)
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