Gloria Gianesini

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BACKGROUND Light-dark alternation has always been the strongest external circadian "zeitgeber" for humans. Due to its growing technological preference, our society is quickly transforming toward a progressive "eveningness" (E), with consequences on personal circadian preference (chronotype), depending on gender as well. The aim of this study was to review(More)
INTRODUCTION Evidence based nursing (EBN) implies the application of the best knowledge to clinical practice but nurses may rely on different sources of knowledge. AIMS To gain knowledge on methods and sources nurses use to update their knowledge. METHODS A self completed closed question questionnaire was administered to the nursing personnel of three(More)
BACKGROUND The Missed Nursing Care (MNC) refers to nursing interventions that are not completed, partially completed, or postponed. Despite the relevance of MNC, no assessment tools are available in the Italian context, and no data regarding the occurrence of this phenomenon has been documented on a large scale to date. OBJECTIVES The study aims were: (1)(More)
BACKGROUND Nursing research is not well-developed in Italy, and knowledge of the methodologies for conducting research is lacking. In several hospitals, including those in which this study was conducted, a research center has been established to support and educate nurses on how to conduct clinical research. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES In this observational(More)
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