Gloria Galán Marín

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In this Letter we show that discrete multivalued Hopfield-type neural networks enable a relatively easy formulation of the Traveling Salesman Problem compared to the traditional Hopfield model. Thus, with the multivalued representation the network can be easily confined to feasible solutions, avoiding the need to tune any parameter. An investigation into(More)
Detection of isomorphism among kinematic chains is essential in mechanical design, but difficult and computationally expensive. It has been shown that both traditional methods and previously presented neural networks still have a lot to be desired in aspects such as simplifying procedure of identification and adapting automatic computation. Therefore, a new(More)
Location-Based Activity Recognition p. 51 Papers Pinpointing in the Description Logic [epsilon]L[superscript +] p. 52 Integrating Action Calculi and Description Logics p. 68 Any-World Access to OWL from Prolog p. 84 Applying Logical Constraints to Ontology Matching p. 99 Resolving Inconsistencies in Probabilistic Knowledge Bases p. 114 Extending Markov(More)