Gloria G Box

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The design of cementless femoral prostheses is based on the assumption that age and gender do not affect the shape of the proximal femur. To test this hypothesis, standard anteroposterior and lateral radiographs were prepared of 4 sets of 20 femora, obtained from young (range, 40-60 years) and elderly (range, 60-90 years) donors of both genders. The(More)
Nonspinal skeletal tuberculosis is a rare, indolent disease that is often difficult to diagnose. The incidence in the United States has recently increased. Pain and swelling are common symptoms. Radiographs may reveal normal findings, or in more advanced cases, demonstrate osteopenia, marginal erosions, and eventually, joint space narrowing and destruction.(More)
Bone grafting of osseous defects is often delayed to minimize the risk of infection, however, the effect of this delay on defect healing is not clear. Unilateral oblong unicortical diaphyseal femoral defects (30 x 4.5 mm) were created in 3 groups of 18 adult canines that were grafted with autogenous bone immediately, at 2 weeks, and at 6 weeks. After an(More)
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