Gloria Crisp

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A patient with both muscle weakness and progressively degenerating respiratory function became increasingly less responsive to therapeutic intervention. The diagnosis of the muscle disease was made through biopsy samples and confirmed as rod myopathy. Through autopsy samples, the patient was found to have had extensive centriacinar emphysema and widespread(More)
A 61-year-old Caucasian female complained of shortness of breath, fever, and a period of rapid weight loss. After routine studies, the patient underwent an open lung biopsy in order to define the characteristics of the interstitial lung disease, and initiate appropriate therapeutic intervention. Typical fibrotic and cellular proliferation were evident in(More)
This chapter reviews multiple complementary and divergent descriptions of practices that have been identified as holding particular promise for high impact on college student success and offers a possible map of practices to illustrate key features and relationships. In this chapter, we seek to lay groundwork for the remainder of the volume with what should(More)
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