Gloria Childress Townsend

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Enamel and dentin thicknesses were measured in permanent tooth crowns of 47,XXY (Klinefelter syndrome) males. In 47,XXY males, enamel thickness in maxillary central incisors was significantly greater than that in control males or females, and dentin thickness in incisors and canines was significantly greater than that in control females, but smaller than(More)
Permanent tooth sizes in 15 Finnish females with a 45,X/46,XX chromosome constitution were measured and compared with those of normal females, first-degree female relatives and 45,X females. Mesiodistal crown diameters of the 45,X/46,XX mosaic females were smaller than those of normal females but similar to those of females with pure 45,X chromosome(More)
Mean values and variances of deciduous and permanent tooth dimensions were compared between 121 45,X (Turner syndrome) females and 171 control subjects to clarify the role of the X chromosome on dental development. Although deciduous molars tended to be smaller than normal in 45,X females, there was no evidence of a reduction in tooth size for deciduous(More)
Debate concerning the content of the general education Computer Science course or the "Computer Literacy" course captures the interest and divides the opinion of the Computer Science community. This paper describes three of the typical difficulties (liabilities) that instructors of a general education course encounter and how instructors may capitalize on(More)
T wo decades ago, many academic and industry professionals had given little thought to the gender or racial composition of their classrooms or offices. In the early 2000s, that perspective shifted dramatically. The dotcom bubble burst and, with that, the computing field seemed to lose its luster with prospective students and employees. Some, however,(More)