Gloria Childress Townsend

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Debate concerning the content of the general education Computer Science course or the "Computer Literacy" course captures the interest and divides the opinion of the Computer Science community. This paper describes three of the typical difficulties (liabilities) that instructors of a general education course encounter and how instructors may capitalize on(More)
T wo decades ago, many academic and industry professionals had given little thought to the gender or racial composition of their classrooms or offices. In the early 2000s, that perspective shifted dramatically. The dotcom bubble burst and, with that, the computing field seemed to lose its luster with prospective students and employees. Some, however,(More)
Biologists have developed models to explain why different environmentally induced morphs of the same organism exist over time. Such conditional strategies are a common form of adaptation to variable environments, whereby an environmental cue allows some individuals to respond to the cue and develop into a morph that is different from the morph of(More)
The goal of CWIC (pronounced see-wik) is to encourage the participation of women in computing by providing professional and social support. The conference will feature talks and panels by highly successful technical women. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate through poster presentations, lightning talks or birds-of-feather(More)
This paper highlights several viewpoints concerning a small regional conference for women in computing, which is modeled after the successful and well-known Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. The viewpoints include rationale for the conference, descriptions of the celebration that provide a snapshot which captures the ease of organizing a(More)