Gloria Childress Townsend

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Symmetry is a major correlate of physical attractiveness across species, including humans. Investigating the nature of this relationship has been difficult, however, for several reasons, including the facts that variance in symmetry is attributable to more than one source and is often correlated with other variables related to attractiveness. This study(More)
T wo decades ago, many academic and industry professionals had given little thought to the gender or racial composition of their classrooms or offices. In the early 2000s, that perspective shifted dramatically. The dotcom bubble burst and, with that, the computing field seemed to lose its luster with prospective students and employees. Some, however,(More)
Biologists have developed models to explain why different environmentally induced morphs of the same organism exist over time. Such conditional strategies are a common form of adaptation to variable environments, whereby an environmental cue allows some individuals to respond to the cue and develop into a morph that is different from the morph of(More)