Gloria Chi-Fishman

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Using ultrasonography with head and transducer stabilization, this study examined the effects of maximally controlled, systematic changes in bolus viscosity (thin juice-like, 7 cP; nectar-like, 243–260 cP; honey-like, 724–759 cP; spoon-thick, 2760–2819 cP) and volume (5, 10, 20, 30 cc) on hyoid kinematics in 31 healthy subjects (16 male, 15 female) in(More)
This study examined the physiological properties and movement strategies of normal, rapid sequential swallowing during simultaneous videofluoroscopy (VFS) and submental surface electromyography (EMG). Ten subjects performed discrete (5 and 15 cc) and sequential (150 cc in tilted and upright head postures) swallowing tasks. Analyses included VFS event(More)
Because of its distinct advantage in radiation-free soft tissue imaging, ultrasonography has been widely used to study lingual, pharyngeal, hyoid, laryngeal, and even esophageal action during swallowing in individuals of all ages. Qualitative ultrasonographic observations have made considerable contributions to our understanding of deglutition. Quantitative(More)
Current knowledge about the flexibility in lingual motor control and performance during swallowing is incomplete. The present study aimed at gaining a better understanding of the tongue's motor flexibility and at identifying variable versus invariant lingual motor program parameters in light of changing swallowing task demands (discrete vs. sequential).(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether real-time ultrasound imaging can provide quantitative data that distinguish pathologic from healthy muscle and that correlate with strength measures. DESIGN Nonrandomized matched-pair, repeated-measures design. SETTING Ultrasound imaging laboratory, rehabilitation medicine department, government research hospital. (More)
The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate whether cholinergic stimulation reduces swallowing and oral motor disturbances in patients with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). A controlled, double-blind crossover trial of physostigmine, a centrally active cholinesterase inhibitor, and placebo was conducted. Patients were randomized to a 10-day(More)
The time dependence of the apparent diffusion tensor of ex vivo calf heart and tongue was measured for diffusion times (tau(d)) between 32 and 810 ms. The results showed evidence of restricted diffusion in the muscle tissues of both organs. In regions where the myofibers are parallel, the largest eigenvalue (lambda(1)) of the diffusion tensor remained the(More)
Past videofluoroscopic and EMG evidence has shown that rapid sequential swallowing differs from discrete swallows, but our knowledge of the control strategies remains incomplete. This study examined in detail the interrelationships among kinematic variables to discern the strategies for deglutitive hyoid motion during discrete (5 cc, 10 cc, 20 cc, 30 cc)(More)
THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SECRETION LEVELS, OCCLUSION STATUS & SWALLOWING ABILITY IN PATIENTS WITH A TRACHEOTOMY Susan Brady, Michele Wesling, MA Marianjoy Rehabililtation Hospital OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship between secretion levels, occlusion status, and swallowing ability using a previously published 5-point secretion scale for accumulated(More)