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OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy and safety of high-frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV) compared to conventional ventilation (CV) for the treatment of respiratory failure in term and near-term infants in Colombia. STUDY DESIGN Eligible infants with moderate to severe respiratory failure were randomized to early treatment with CV or HFOV.(More)
Two experiments were conducted to examine whether the resistance to extinction obtained in evaluative conditioning (EC) studies implies that EC is a qualitatively distinct form of classical conditioning (Baeyens, Eelen, & Crombez, 1995 a) or whether it is the result of an nonassociative artefact ( Field & Davey, 1997 , 1998 , 1999 ). Both experiments(More)
In an effort to assess the innate capacity of the central visual system to specify corticocortical connectivity in the absence of retinal afferents, we examined the tangential distribution of callosal cells and terminations in posterior neocortex of congenitally anophthalmic rats. Although our results indicate that the callosal pattern is clearly anomalous(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to identify risk factors for nosocomial infections among infants admitted into eight neonatal intensive care units in Colombia. Knowledge of modifiable risk factors could be used to guide the design of interventions to prevent the problem. STUDY DESIGN Data were collected prospectively from eight neonatal units.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE It has been suggested that probiotics may decrease infant mortality and nosocomial infections because of their ability to suppress colonization and translocation of bacterial pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract. We designed a large double-blinded placebo-controlled trial using Lactobacillus reuteri to test this hypothesis in(More)
Candida infections represent a major threat in neonatal intensive care units. This is the first prospective study to obtain caspofungin plasma levels and safety data for neonates and very young infants. Patients of <3 months of age receiving intravenous amphotericin B for documented or highly suspected candidiasis were enrolled in a single-dose (n = 6) or(More)
In the last few years, many researchers have studied the presence of common dimensions of temperament in subjects with symptoms of anxiety. The aim of this study is to examine the association between temperamental dimensions (high negative affect and activity level) and anxiety problems in clinical preschool children. A total of 38 children, ages 3 to 6(More)
OBJECTIVE The epidemiology of nosocomial infections (NI) in neonatal intensive care units in developing countries has been poorly studied. We conducted a prospective study in selected neonatal units in Colombia, SA, to describe the incidence rate, causative organisms, and interinstitutional differences. STUDY DESIGN Data were collected prospectively from(More)
Despite advances in surgical modalities and chemotherapeutic agents, the 5-year survival for patients with advanced ovarian cancer is barely 40-50%. At the moment, optimally cytoreductive primary surgery is the best option for patients with advanced ovarian cancer. Predictive factors of primary optimum reduction surgery have been described based on imaging(More)
From August 60 to December 90, 103 male newborns with hypospadias were diagnosed among 124 588 consecutive newborns examined (8.3 per 10,000). Mortality among them was 1.94%. The annual incidence rate increased significantly over the study period (p < 0.001. Hypospadias was an isolated finding in 92% of cases, and its was associated to other non genital(More)