Gloria C Caldito

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OBJECTIVE Statins are commonly used cholesterol-lowering agents that are noted to suppress tumor cell growth in several in vitro and animal models. METHODS We studied the association between pancreatic cancer and statins in veterans. A retrospective, nested case-control study was conducted using prospectively collected data from the Veterans Integrated(More)
The occurrence of post renal transplant lymphocele is variable and the best approach to treatment is not well defined. The purpose of this study was to find out the incidence of post transplant lymphocele at our centre, identify demographic or surgical factors that may have influenced lymphocele formation, and distinguish the best approach to treatment. The(More)
BACKGROUND Statins are commonly used cholesterol-lowering agents that are noted to suppress tumor cell growth in several in vitro and animal models. METHODS We studied the association of lung cancer and the use of statins in patients enrolled in the Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System. A retrospective case-control study nested in a cohort study was(More)
OBJECT A dural tear resulting in a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak is a well-known risk of lumbar spinal procedures. The authors hypothesized that the incidence of CSF leakage is higher in cases involving repeated operations and those in which the surgeon performing the surgery is less experienced; however, they postulated that the overall outcome of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the occurrence of lung cancer in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in the US veteran population. Patients with rheumatic diseases appear to have an increased risk for the development of lymphoproliferative and some solid organ malignancies. METHODS We conducted a retrospective case control study using prospectively collected(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine human papillomavirus (HPV) incidence in unknown primary squamous cell carcinomas (SCCa) of the head and neck and assess if HPV status influenced survival. STUDY DESIGN Historical cohort study. SETTING Tertiary care center. SUBJECTS Patients with unknown primary SCCa despite a complete workup who underwent neck dissection or(More)
Oxidative stress-induced decrease in tissue or systemic glutathione (GSH) and damage to the vascular endothelium of the blood-brain barrier such as occurs in diabetes or stroke will have important implications for brain homeostasis. Endothelial proliferation or repair is crucial to preserving barrier function. Cell proliferation has been associated with(More)
INTRODUCTION Ultrasonography is being increasingly utilized in acute care settings with expanding applications. Pneumothorax evaluation by ultrasonography is a fast, safe, easy and inexpensive alternative to chest radiographs. In this review, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the current literature comparing ultrasonography and chest radiography for(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of clinical diagnosis of acute pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Data were obtained on 176 consecutive women admitted to St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center with a clinical diagnosis of PID. All underwent diagnostic laparoscopy. PID was established laparoscopically in 134 (76.1%) of the patients.(More)
OBJECT Hydrocephalus is a notorious neurosurgical disease that carries the adage "once a shunt always a shunt." This study was conducted to review the treatment results of pediatric hydrocephalus. METHODS Pediatric patients who underwent ventriculoperitoneal shunt surgery over the past 14 years were reviewed for shunt revisions. Variables studied included(More)