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In an environment of continuous and rapid evolution, software design methodologies must incorporate techniques and tools that support changes in software artifacts. In the FERUS project, we are developing a tool targeted at software designers that integrates a collection of operations on algebraic specifications written in the CASL language. The scope of(More)
This paper presents the Conditional Execution design pattern that aims to help the implementation of fine-grained variabilities in the context of software product lines of information systems. The pattern has been used successfully in three product lines of web information systems developed by Informatics Superintendence (SINFO) at Federal University of Rio(More)
The hydrological periods drive the structure and organization of aquatic communities in semiarid regions. We hypothesize that a decrease of the precipitation during the dry period will favor the development of the periphytic algal community, leading to higher richness and density in this period. To test this hypothesis, we investigated the changes in the(More)
This paper presents an industrial experience of design pattern application for the modularization of variabilities from software product lines of web information systems. These web systems were developed at the <i>Superintend&#234;ncia de Inform&#225;tica (SINFO)</i> from Federal University of <i>Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN).</i> The work describes details(More)
The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) developed a set of integrated software systems to control its activities. These software systems are the SIPAC that helps to administrate the institution; the SIGPRH tha contributes to manage planning and human resources; and the SIGAA that allows to control its academic activities. Due to their coverage(More)
Software product line engineering is about producing a set of related products that share more commonalities than variabilities. This approach promotes benefits such as cost reduction, product quality, productivity and time to market, but it brings new challenges that must be considered during the evolution of the software product line. In this context,(More)
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