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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of an 8-week program of hippotherapy on energy expenditure during walking; on the gait dimensions of stride length, velocity, and cadence; and on performance on the Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM) in five children with spastic cerebral palsy (CP). A repeated-measures within-subjects design was used(More)
1. The purpose of this study was to use the techniques of spike- and stimulus-triggered averaging (SpTA and StTA, respectively) to examine the output organization of individual rubromotoneuronal (RM) cells in relation to clusters of neighboring cells. SpTA of electromyographic (EMG) activity in awake monkeys reveals the target muscles of an individual(More)
It is well known that electrical stimulation of primary somatosensory cortex (SI) evokes movements that resemble those evoked from primary motor cortex. These findings have led to the concept that SI may possess motor capabilities paralleling those of motor cortex and speculation that SI could function as a robust relay mediating motor responses from(More)
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