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The tetrapyrrole ethanolamide derivatives, hematoporphyrin propylether ethanolamide (HPPEEA, 1) and pheophorbide a ethanolamide (PEA, 2) have previously shown some photodynamic activities in an in vitro photodynamic assay (D. Girard et al. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 18 (2008) 360-365). Extending this study to an in vivo one, HPPEEA and PEA were evaluated for(More)
Tetrapyrrole ethanolamide derivatives, 1 and 2, were prepared from hematoporphyrin IX (HPIX, 3) and methyl pheophorbide a (mPheo, 6). These were evaluated for their dual action as chemotherapeutics and photosensitizers in treatment of cancer. The novel compounds showed significant in vitro anticancer activity as measured in different cell lines using the(More)
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