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–The term 'software entropy' has been anecdotally defined to mean that software declines in quality, maintainability and understandability though its lifetime. While there are numerous software metrics that assess " snapshots " of software maintainability, few assess software degradation at multiple, discrete points in the life cycle. Assessing(More)
The use of heparinised irrigation solutions has become common in microvascular surgery, but the concentration of heparin has been determined empirically. A laboratory model of microvascular thrombosis, employing a crush injury, intimal abrasion, and stasis to the rat superficial femoral artery was used to compare heparinised saline irrigation solutions of(More)
Layout of a STAR device consists of the placement of standard cells (circuit elements) on the array and the routing of conductors between cells. Cell placement must be such that routing is not hindered. Also, placement procedures must be cost effective and easy to implement on a digital computer. A placement procedure for STARs is described in this paper(More)