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The effect of light on the biosynthesis and the assembly of rod photoreceptor outer segment membranes was analyzed in vitro using retinas from Xenopus laevis. The number of open discs at the base of the outer segment was used as a morphologic index to evaluate relative differences in rates of membrane assembly. Assembly was stimulated in vitro by light, as(More)
INTRODUCTION For 28 years, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been assessing the potential risks associated with anthropogenic climate change. Although interest in climate change and health is growing, the implications arising from their interaction remain understudied. Generating a greater understanding of the health impacts of(More)
BACKGROUND Climate change has been recognized as both one of the biggest threats and the biggest opportunities for global health in the 21st century. This trend review seeks to assess and characterize the amount and type of scientific literature on the link between climate change and human health. DESIGN We tracked the use of climate-related terms and(More)
Isolated retinas from Xenopus laevis tadpoles or juvenile frogs were incubated in Ringer's bicarbonate-glucose medium in which sodium chloride was replaced with equimolar amounts of either sodium aspartate (NaAsp) or sodium glutamate (NaGlu). At all concentrations tested (0.1 to 50 mM), both acidic amino acids caused a dramatic decrease in the incorporation(More)
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