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The impact of Web service integration on grid performance p. 14 Supporting application-tailored grid file system sessions with WSRF-based services p. 24 Building self-adapting services using service-specific knowledge p. 34 Increasing application performance in virtual environments through run-time inference and adaptation p. 47 Enabling self-management of(More)
The Open Grid Service Infrastructure (OGSI) has been designed to facilitate the creation of multiple, interoperable Grid Service hosting environments, but to date only one fully OGSI-compliant hosting environment exists, Globus Toolkit version 3 (GT3). This paper describes the design and implementation of OGSI.NET, which is the second, independent hosting(More)
Grid computing involves networks of heterogeneous resources working in collaboration to solve problems that cannot be addressed by the resources of any one organization. A pervasive problem for Grid users is how best to discover the resources they need given dynamic Grid environments. UDDI, the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration framework, is(More)
This paper describes a method that passively assesses basic walker-assisted gait characteristics using only force-moment measurements from the walker's handles. The passively derived gait characteristics of 22 subjects were validated against motion capture gait analysis. The force-moment based heel initial contact detection algorithm have produced a high(More)
This paper emphasizes the importance of assessing stability index for steering-controlled three-wheeled walkers. The paper describes a stability computation model that can be used to generate a reference input to the intelligent shared-control algorithm. The model can be used to evaluate the instantaneous stability margin of the walker-user system. This(More)
This document describes how to author and deploy a grid service in OGSI.NET. This is not a primer on grid services or OGSI and the reader is assumed to be generally familiar with terms and concepts from both OGSA [1] and OGSI [2]. The goal of the OGSI.NET project is to make programming a grid service as easy as programming a web service! The following(More)
Today's robotics applications require complex, real-time, high-bandwidth sensor systems. Although many s u c h systems have been developed, integrating them into an autonomous agent architecture remains an area of active research. We have integrated an active stereo vision system with an autonomous agent architecture using a system of perceptual memory.(More)