Glenn S. Dardick

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As the usage of Cyber Forensics increases, so does the potential for errors in the practice of applying Cyber Forensic. Errors in opinions derived from faulty practices have resulted in grievous miscarriages of justice. However, utilizing the foundations of Information Systems Assurance and Information Quality, a solid foundation for improving the quality(More)
Blogging gives an ordinary person the ability to have a conversation with a wide audience and has become one of the fastest growing uses of the Web. However, dozens of employee-bloggers have been terminated for exercising what they consider to be their First Amendment right to free speech and would-be consumer advocates face potential liability for voicing(More)
All organisations, whether in the public or private sector, increasingly use computers and other devices that contain computer hard disks for the storage and processing of information relating to their business, their employees or their customers. Individual home users also increasingly use computers and other devices containing computer hard disks for the(More)
The ever increasing use and reliance upon computers in both the public and private sector has led to enormous numbers of computers being disposed of at the end of their useful life within an organisation. As the cost of computers has dropped, their use in the home has also continued to increase. In most organisations, computers have a relatively short life(More)
Digital forensics is playing a more prominent role in law enforcement, network security, and information assurance. The field of study encompasses not just digital evidence, but also the areas of cyber law, sociology, and security to name a few. Its increasing importance is reflected in its growing role within crime investigations, civil cases and homeland(More)
Journals  Brooks, D. J. (2008). " Defining the science of security through knowledge categorisation. " Acta Criminologica: South African Journal of Criminology. 21(1).  Brooks, D. J. (2008). " What is security: Definition through knowledge categorisation. " Security Journal. Australian Defense Force Policy and the use of WPA2 as a security option for(More)