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We have surveyed ∼0.1–100 MeV nucleon −1 O and Fe fluence spectra during 46 isolated, large gradual SEP events observed at ACE during solar cycles 23 and 24. Most SEP spectra are well represented by the four-parameter Band function with a normalization constant, low-energy spectral slope, high-energy spectral slope, and break energy. The O and Fe spectral(More)
We report energy spectra of He, O, and Fe nuclei, extending from-0.3 keV/nucleon to-300 MeV/nucleon, integrated over the period from the Fall of 1997 to mid-2000. These fluence measurements were made at 1 AU using data from the SWIGS, ULEIS, SIS, and CRIS instruments on ACE, and include contributions from fast and slow solar wind, coronal mass ejections,(More)
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