Glenn Johnson

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A growing body of evidence reveals that people of color and low-income persons have borne greater environmental and health risks than the society at large in their neighborhoods, workplace, and playgrounds. Over the last decade or so, grassroots activists have attempted to change the way government implements environmental , health, and civil rights laws.(More)
Elucidating how life history traits vary geographically is important to understanding variation in population dynamics. Because many aspects of ectotherm life history are climate-dependent, geographic variation in climate is expected to have a large impact on population dynamics through effects on annual survival, body size, growth rate, age at first(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nebraska's Eastern Saline Wetlands are the most limited and endangered wetland type and vegetation community in the State and are considered critically imperiled in Nebraska. These wetlands provide habitat for a variety of native plant and animal species that depend on a saline environment, including two endangered species. Because of(More)
The motivation for engaging in peer review of teaching vacillates between providing opportunities to improve teaching and evaluating teaching performance. We strive to find ways to maximize the benefits of peer review of teaching because this activity provides a valuable opportunity for peer collaboration and curricular coordination within a program. This(More)
Utilization of a manual sampling function as an alternative to the automatic sampling function in the Alco-Sensor IV Black Dot Model has been recognized by the manufacturer to potentially underestimate an individual's true breath alcohol content (BrAC). A controlled human subject study was conducted to analyze the possible breath-sampling differences(More)
Ranging signals are transmitted from the ground to deep space spacecraft, then returned to the ground in order to determine the spacecraft's distance from the earth. Currently, the transponders used on these spacecraft have no capability to regenerate the ranging signals. A scheme for implementing this regeneration, which leads to a dramatic reduction in(More)
A survey has been carries out of 104 patients with multiple sclerosis (m.s.) in West-Central-Scotland. All patients were living at home, and success of services to assist them in the community was examined. The partients were aged 16-65 years and had permanent disability, many being severely handicapped. Regular hospital follow-up was more common among the(More)
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