Glenn I. Martin

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Increasing interest in isolated wetlands requires an understanding of the location, spatial extent, and configuration of the resource. The National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) is the most commonly used data source for this information; however, the accuracy is limited in some contexts, e.g., agricultural, seasonally-ponded, or forested wetlands. This study(More)
  • G I Martin
  • 2013
It is rare that neonatal educational conferences today do not have a presentation dealing with The Late Preterm Infant. Think about the confusion over the years as we deleted the words, Near Term, Marginally Preterm, Moderately Preterm, Minimally Preterm and Mildly Preterm. The replacement of Near Term with Late Preterm was most important, as Near Term(More)
The authors studied the monthly electrocardiographic tracings of 27 children with normal cardiovascular function receiving imipramine therapy for enuresis. They found no substantial EKG changes in any of these children, who were receiving doses of 25 to 75 mg of the drug. They conclude that electrocardiographic monitoring may be essential only when more(More)
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