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This paper describes the Intel ® NetBurst™ microarchitecture of Intel's new flagship Pentium ® 4 processor. This microarchitecture is the basis of a new family of processors from Intel starting with the Pentium 4 processor. The Pentium 4 processor provides a substantial performance gain for many key application areas where the end user can truly appreciate(More)
The ratio of acoustic myography (AMG) amplitude to surface electromyography (EMG) amplitude is proposed as a measure of mechanical output compared with electrical activity of the contractile system. AMG to EMG ratios were measured from 16 children with muscle disease diagnosed by clinical criteria, EMG, and/or muscle biopsy. These were compared with the(More)
We apply a battery of modern, adaptive non-linear learning methods to a large real database of cardiac patient data. We use each method to predict 30 day mortality from a large number of potential risk factors, and we compare their performances. We find that none of the methods could outperform a relatively simple logistic regression model previously(More)
The clinical, pathological, and biochemical findings in a young woman with a new variant of metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) are reported. The patient showed slow early development and deteriorated further during her first two decades. Nerve conductions were slow, and a sural nerve biopsy showed features of a sulfatide lipidosis. Urinary sulfatide(More)
Juvenile cerebellar astrocytoma characteristically has a very benign course and good prognosis. A case is reported of juvenile cerebellar astrocytoma with massive craniospinal leptomeningeal spread prior to surgical intervention. The patient died 8 months after the onset of symptoms and only 5 weeks after presentation to the hospital. At postmortem(More)
  • Glenn Hinton
  • 1989
A discussion is presented of the next generation core for the 80960 family of embedded processor chips. It is shown that the next generation 960 core incorporates several features for high performance. It has wide and concurrent internal buses. It can decode and issue a sustained two instructions per clock even with loads and branches. It implements branch(More)