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Nutrients, primary production and microbial heterotrophy in the southeastern Chukchi Sea: Arctic summer nutrient depletion and heterotrophy
In August 1993, we measured photosynthesis, chlorophyll a, bacterial secondary production, microb~al community respiratory rate, bacterial abundance, dissolved free armno acids, nitrate, phosphate,Expand
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Transformation of global satellite chlorophyll retrievals with a regionally tuned algorithm
Abstract “Global” algorithms for satellite remote sensing do not always provide accurate retrievals in all areas of the ocean, particularly in coastal areas and high latitudes. Our current arcticExpand
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Nutrient fluxes during extended blooms of Arctic ice algae
Estimates of nutrient demand by dense mats of ice algae in the high Arctic indicate that substantial nutrient fluxes are necessary to satisfy the observed growth over the 2-month bloom. In our studyExpand
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Abundance and production of ice algae n Resolute Passage, Canadian Arctic
Abundance and photosynthetic activity of ice algae in Resolute Passage in the Canadian high Arctic were measured in relation to in situ irradiance throughout the main growth season in 1985 and 1986.Expand
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Photoadaptation of high Arctic ice algae
In aquatic systems, the layer that is suitable for positive net photosynthesis (the euphotic zone) is usually considered to extend from the surface down to the depth of penetration of 1% of theExpand
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Spring and summer phytoplankton communities in the Chukchi and Eastern Beaufort Seas
Abstract Phytoplankton pigments and size-fractionated biomass in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas showed spatial and temporal variation during the spring and summer of 2002. Cluster analysis of pigmentExpand
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Bio‐optical properties of the Labrador Sea
[1] Three cruises were conducted during fall and spring in the Labrador Sea to investigate the effects of bio-optical properties on satellite retrievals of phytoplankton chlorophyll in this importantExpand
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Phytoplankton in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas : Distribution, dynamics, and environmental forcing
Abstract Time-series of remotely sensed distributions of phytoplankton, sea ice, surface temperature, albedo, and clouds were examined to evaluate the variability of environmental conditions andExpand
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Remote-sensing reflectance in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas: observations and models.
Two semianalytical remote-sensing reflectance models were evaluated and validated by use of bio-optical data collected in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas. Both models were efficient at retrievingExpand
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