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1. Mastication was produced by stimulation of the right motor-sensory cortex of urethan-anesthetized rabbits with 15-s trains of shocks (1-ms duration) at 50 Hz. Movements of the lower jaw and jaw muscle electromyograms (EMGs) were recorded on magnetic tape for later computer analysis. 2. The stimulus site was chosen, and stimulus intensity adjusted, so(More)
Human adenoviruses are responsible for respiratory, gastroenteric and ocular infections and can serve as gene therapy vectors. They form icosahedral particles with 240 copies of the trimeric hexon protein arranged on the planes and a penton complex at each of the twelve vertices. The penton consists of a pentameric base, implicated in virus internalization,(More)
Human variability in the measurement of the masseteric silent period (SP) was quantified. There were significant differences among (1) observer groups (technicians and dental students), (2) individual observers, (3) repeated measures of the same SP, and (4) trials. No significant observer bias was found. SP's were significantly longer at an inter-incisal(More)
In order for the rapidly emerging field of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) to meet its extraordinary expectations regarding commercial impact, issues pertaining to how they fail must be understood. We identify failure modes common to a broad range of MEMS actuators, including adhesion (stiction) and friction-induced failures caused by improper(More)
Estimating the necessary hardware resources and the architecture of a Microsoft Exchange messaging infrastructure is a complex and demanding process. Typically consultants rely on past experience and conjectures to recommend a deployment architecture that meets the customer requirements. Microsoft System Center Capacity Planner 2006 (SCCP) eliminates this(More)
Paradigms abstracted from the literature on hospital treatment of severely disturbed patients with borderline personality disorder are not adequate for extended treatment in state hospital settings. A new paradigm, based on Winnicott's concept of the holding environment, incorporates the development of a therapeutic environment in the hospital with the(More)
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