Glenn D. Rennels

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As the size and complexity of medical terminologies increase, terminology modelers are increasingly hampered by lack of tools and methods to manage the development process. This paper presents our use and ongoing evaluation of a description-logic classifier to support cognitive scalability of the underlying terminology and our enhancements to that(More)
refined in an iterative, incremental fashion. Even when a satisfactory draft evolves, an author frequently makes minor changes on each reading of the paper, particularly if the author sets the manuscript aside between readings. Compared to the manual process of writing a paper, the process of creating a computer program to generate prose can be even more(More)
Clinical trials constitute one of the main sources of medical knowledge, yet trial reports are difficult to find, read, and apply to clinical care. Reasons for these difficulties include the lack of a common, standardized, structure for trial reports; the restricted length of reports; and limited computer support for use of the literature. We propose a new(More)
Conventional full-text systems represent documents as sets of index terms, and queries to these systems often retrieve irrelevant material when search terms occur in inappropriate contexts. We have developed document representations that capture the semantic contexts in which text words occur. Many bodies of literature contain stereotypic categories of(More)
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