Glenn D. Rennels

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This paper explores the premise that a formalized representation of empirical studies can play a central role in computer-based decision support. The specific motivations underlying this research include the following propositions: Reasoning from experimental evidence contained in the clinical literature is central to the decisions physicians make in(More)
Conventional full-text systems represent documents as sets of index terms, and queries to these systems often retrieve irrelevant material when search terms occur in inappropriate contexts. We have developed document representations that capture the semantic contexts in which text words occur. Many bodies of literature contain stereotypic categories of(More)
refined in an iterative, incremental fashion. Even when a satisfactory draft evolves, an author frequently makes minor changes on each reading of the paper, particularly if the author sets the manuscript aside between readings. Compared to the manual process of writing a paper, the process of creating a computer program to generate prose can be even more(More)
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