Glenn Cohen

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PURPOSE Adult patients with Madelung's deformity may present with ulnar-sided wrist pain. Treatment often involves addressing the distal radial deformity. If there is focal wrist pathology and a positive ulnar variance, however, then an isolated ulnar-shortening osteotomy may provide symptomatic relief in these patients. The purpose of this study was to(More)
Interest group pluralism presumes that public policy outcomes are determined principally through a contest for influence among organized pressure groups. Most interest groups, however, do not represent themselves in this process. Rather, they rely on professional lobbyists for representation, information, and advice. These lobbyists, however, may have their(More)
Constitutional theorists usually assume that minority-protective judicial review leads to outcomes more favorable to the protected minority and less favorable to the majority. Our analysis highlights three effects of judicial review that complicate, and sometimes undermine, this conventional wisdom. First, judicial review can induce a shift from a(More)
A major shift is transforming the trade and environment field, triggered by governments’ rising use of industrial policies to spark nascent renewable energy industries and to restrict exports of certain minerals, in the face of political economy constraints. While economically distorting, these policies do produce significant economic and environmental(More)
In the administrative state, how should expert opinions be aggregated and used? If a panel of experts is unanimous on a question of fact, causation, or prediction, can an administrative agency rationally disagree, and on what grounds? If experts are split into a majority view and a minority view, must the agency follow the majority? Should reviewing courts(More)
It is often asserted that separation of legislative powers tends to make legislation both more moderate (because concessions to all veto players are needed to secure enactment) and less frequent (because sufficient concessions are sometimes infeasible). The formal analysis in this paper shows this claim to be incomplete, and sometimes incorrect. Although(More)
Personalized medicine is reshaping the biomedical landscape. Where Big Data meets Big Health, it has been hailed as the next leap forward in health care, and is both a subject of health law and an object of innovation policy. Humans are inherently variable, and closely matching treatment to patients has the potential to save and extend lives by suggesting(More)
We use an agency model to analyze the impact of judicial review on democratic performance. We find that judicial review may increase “democratic failure” by rescuing elected officials from the consequences of ill-advised policies, but may also decrease democratic failure by alerting voters to unjustified government action. We further find that judges will(More)