Glenn Burns

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BACKGROUND There has been a significant spike in fentanyl-related deaths from illicit fentanyl supplied via the heroin trade. Past fentanyl access was primarily oral or dermal via prescription fentanyl patch diversion. One factor potentially driving this increase in fatalities is the change in route of administration. Rapid intravenous (IV) fentanyl can(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing evidence points to a pathologic role for cytokines in Crohn's colitis. Levels of cytokines are increased in diseased segments of colon in Crohn's colitis, but no one has studied the concentration of cytokines in clinically and histologically nondiseased segments. METHODS Mucosal biopsies were obtained from 7 patients with active(More)
The nutritional support of patients with pancreatic and high gastrointestinal fistulas and severe pancreatitis frequently involves intravenous fat infusion. There are conflicting reports on the effect of intravenous fat on pancreatic exocrine secretion. In 10 dogs with chronic pancreatic fistulas, pancreatic juice was collected during secretin (n = 10) or(More)
Tissue carnitine levels have been measured in man and the dog. Skeletal muscle carnitine levels rise in the dog with starvation to roughly twice the normal level. An equal degree of starvation plus peritonitis is associated with unchanged skeletal muscle carnitine levels. In the presence of peritonitis, sequential skeletal muscle biopsies show a progressive(More)
Although many residency programs mandate at least one rotation in emergency medicine (EM), to the best of our knowledge, a standardized curriculum for emergency department (ED) rotations for "off-service" residents has not been developed. As a result, the experiences of these residents in the ED tend to vary during their rotations. To design an off-service(More)
Antibiotics were given intravenously to dogs with chronic pancreatic fistulas, and serum and pancreatic juice levels were measured. Despite adequate serum values, gentamicin, tetracycline, clindamycin, and moxalactam did not appear in the pancreatic juice, which suggested a barrier to their excretion. In contrast, chloramphenicol reached a peak(More)
An important component of high-dose chemotherapy/autologous bone marrow support regimens for adjuvant treatment of breast cancer is carmustine. Preclinical studies have shown that the level of the DNA repair protein O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase is correlated with the resistance of cultured human tumor cells to this drug, but little is known about(More)
In 45 patients with chronic uraemia the basal acid output was the same as in 22 controls. Maximal acid output in uraemic patients was less than in the controls but not significantly so. In uraemia the maximal acid output was directly related to the duration of uraemia and inversely related to both haemoglobin level and age; it was not related to the height(More)
When treating duodenal ulcer by vagotomy surgeons aim at dividing all the vagal secreto-motor fibres to the stomach. In order to assess whether this aim had been achieved, Hollander (1948) developed the insulin test which has proved a valuable clinical method of judging whether the vagi have been divided completely. The criteria by which the acid secretory(More)