Glenn Browning

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The relative benefits of binaural as opposed to monaural hearing aids were assessed by the use of a diotically presented, audiovisual speech-in-noise task in a group of bilateral, severely hearing-impaired individuals. Significantly greater benefit was gained from binaural amplification, irrespective of hearing level and degree of asymmetry. The benefit was(More)
Introduction THERE are many occasions when a clinician may wish to 1 test the hearing of a patient to confirm that an impairment is present. There are several ways that this might be done but perhaps the easiest and most relevant is to use free-field voice testing. Voice testing of hearing was the standard method of assessing a person's ability to hear(More)
A national study in Australia in the late 1990s explored barriers to the adoption and reuse of computer-facilitated learning (CFL) in Australian universities. These barriers will be summarized. One of these barriers is that it is hard to find information on courseware that is educationally sound; usually such courseware is expensive to produce and so reuse(More)
The cause of sensorineural hearing impairment is unknown in a high proportion of patients. Since ischaemia is a possible factor, the relation between hearing threshold and blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, and haematocrit was investigated in 49 patients with idiopathic hearing loss, taking into account age, sex, smoking, and socioeconomic group. Hearing(More)
Clinical tests of hearing are regularly used in adults but their role, now that pure-tone audiometry is almost universally available, has not been evaluated by modern methods of analysis including sensitivity and specificity. Free-field voice testing was carried out in 101 patients and the Rinne tuning-fork test in a different group of 127 patients prior to(More)
In the past, otologists have reported the results of middle ear surgery to improve hearing, either by tympanoplasty or by stapes surgery, mainly in terms of closure of the air-bone gap. This is valid as a measure of the technical success of the operation provided any change in the bone conduction thresholds, particularly at the higher frequencies, is also(More)