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Signicant eort is currently being applied to the integration of diverse digital communication services including voice, video, images and text into computer networks. Voice and video, characteristic of continuous media, dier from traditional data in that the data delivery has strict time requirements. This temporal nature places demands on a system which(More)
This paper looks at transport services required by applications and proposes using a QoS vector to specify all transport requirements. These ideas have been pursued in the design and development of a new transport protocol called A1. Preliminary performance results for A1 over ATM are presented and compared with an eecient kernel implementation of TCP/IP. 1(More)
Cloud computing (CC) refers to delivering applications, platform used to execute user application and Infrastructure to fulfill user hardware requirement as a service over internet. Virtual Machine (VM) is normally stored on Datacenters who consist of set of physical servers where VM is executing to fulfill service when gets accessed by end user. VM(More)
Processing power of mobile devices and network speeds are rapidly growing and this has driven the urge to look into user space implementation of network protocols. User level implementations enable applications to have direct impact on communication process by adjusting QoS and level of reliability. This is particularity valid in Local Area Networks were(More)
—Recent advances in mobile devices and network technologies have set new trends in the way we use computers and access networks. Cloud Computing, where processing and storage resources are residing on the network is one of these trends. The other is Mobile Computing, where mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are believed to replace personal(More)
The rapidly advancing technology of cellular communication and wireless LAN makes ubiquitous computing feasible where the mobile users can have access to the location independent information and the computing resources. Multimedia networking is another emerging technological trend of the 1990s and there is an increasing demand for supporting continuous(More)
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