Glendon Cross

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In a three-month retrospective study, we assessed the proportion of rapid response team (RRT) calls associated with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and sepsis. We also documented the site of infection (whether it was community- or hospital-acquired), antibiotic modifications after the call and in-hospital outcomes. Amongst 358 RRT calls, two(More)
The explosion of customer data in the last twenty years has increased the need for data mining aimed at customer relationship management (CRM) and understanding the customer. It is well known that the telecom sector consists of customers with a wide array of customer behaviors. These customers pose different risks, making it imperative to implement(More)
Clinical and laboratory findings in 15 unreported cases of avian cryptococcosis from Australia were collated and contrasted with 11 cases recorded in the literature. Cryptococcus species produced localized invasive disease of the upper respiratory tract of captive parrots living in Australia. This resulted in signs referable to mycotic rhinitis or to(More)
Five cases of intracerebral hematoma, including one case of calcified intracerebral hematoma, are presented and treatment is discussed. The role of carotid arteriography, stellate ganglion blocks, vasodilator drugs and operation in the treatment of cerebral vascular accidents is discussed and typical cases of the various vascular anomalies of the cerebral(More)