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Preschool home literacy practices and children's literacy development: A longitudinal analysis.
In this 3-year longitudinal study, the authors tested and extended M. Senechal and J. Le Fevre's (2002) model of the relationships between preschool home literacy practices and children's literacyExpand
Separating cognitive capacity from knowledge: a new hypothesis
This work proposes that working memory and reasoning share related capacity limits, and argues that both types of limit might be based on the limited ability to form and preserve bindings between elements in memory. Expand
A cognitive complexity metric applied to cognitive development
Two experiments tested predictions from a theory in which processing load depends on relational complexity (RC), the number of variables related in a single decision, and the RC approach to defining cognitive complexity is applicable to different content domains. Expand
Sex Differences in Mathematics and Science Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of National Assessment of Educational Progress Assessments.
Gender gaps in the development of mathematical and scientific literacy have important implications for the general public’s understanding of scientific issues and for the underrepresentation of womenExpand
Measuring the Influence of Complexity on Relational Reasoning
Relational complexity (RC) theory conceptualizes an individual’s processing capacity and a task’s complexity along a common ordinal metric. The authors describe the development of the Latin SquareExpand
Gender Differences in Reading and Writing Achievement: Evidence From the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
Examination of effect sizes found a developmental progression from initially small gender differences in Grade 4 toward larger effects as students progress through schooling, and Hyde’s (2005) gender similarities hypothesis, which holds that most psychological gender differences are only small or trivial in size. Expand
Relational processing and working memory capacity in comprehension of relative clause sentences
Comprehension of object-relatives relied more heavily on a domain-general capacity to process complex relations than on WM capacity, and working memory capacity was assessed using reading span or forward and backward digit span tests. Expand
Induction of Relational Schemas: Common Processes in Reasoning and Complex Learning
The "learning to learn" effect traditionally associated with the learning set literature was observed, and the long-standing enigma of learning set acquisition is explained by a model composed of relational schema induction and structure mapping. Expand
Complexity effects on the children's gambling task
The children's gambling task (CGT [Kerr, A., & Zelazo, P. D. (2004). Development of “Hot” executive function: The children's gambling task. Brain and Cognition, 55, 148–157]) involves integratingExpand