Glena Helen Iten

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In previous studies non-interactive visual simulations in learning tasks have improved learners' conceptual understanding of statistical principles. To explore the impact of interactive visual simulations on conceptual understanding of statistical principles, an online tutorial where students could either manipulate or only observe changes of statistical(More)
Playing digital games can confront the player with choices that are emotional, morally ambivalent and highly personally meaningful. Past research suggests that meaningful choices have the potential to positively affect prosocial behavior. Up to now however, it is unclear what specific characteristics make in-game choices meaningful. The goal of this(More)
Appropriate challenges and challenge-skill balance are usually key to positive player experiences. However, some games such as the successful series Dark Souls are notorious for their excessive difficulty. Yet, there has been little empirical investigation of why players enjoy games they constantly struggle and fail with. We surveyed 95 participants right(More)
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