Glen T Robinson

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The professional development of public health leaders requires competency-based instruction to increase their ability to address complex and changing demands for critical services. This article reviews the development of the Leadership Competency Framework by the National Public Health Leadership Development Network and discusses its significance. After(More)
In the event of a disaster, you can quickly launch resources in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure business continuity. This whitepaper highlights AWS services and features that you can leverage for your disaster recovery (DR) processes to significantly minimize the impact on your data, your system, and your overall business operations. The whitepaper also(More)
In the highly competitive workstation market, customers demand a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance I/O solutions. An industry-standard I/O subsystem allows HP workstations to support the latest I/O technology. (PCI) allow systems to provide a wide variety of cost-effective I/O functionality. The desire to include more industry-standard(More)
Foreword This study responds to a request from the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation to evaluate the impacts on the United States of key decisions taken at the general World Administrative Radio Conference (WARC-79) and to consider options for preparation and participation in future international telecommunication conferences. It(More)
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