Glen Smith

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The efficacy of psychological treatments emphasising a self-management approach to chronic pain has been demonstrated by substantial empirical research. Nevertheless, high drop-out and relapse rates and low or unsuccessful engagement in self-management pain rehabilitation programs have prompted the suggestion that people vary in their readiness to adopt a(More)
BACKGROUND It has been stated that rates of homicide due to mental disorder are constant over time. AIMS To examine whether there were changes in the rates of homicide due to mental disorder over time, and whether changes in these rates were associated with changes in the rates of other homicides in England and Wales. METHOD Examination of four sets of(More)
BACKGROUND It is widely believed that the rate of homicide by the mentally ill is fixed, differs little between regions and is unrelated to the total homicide rate. METHODS We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of population-based studies conducted in developed countries of homicide committed by persons diagnosed with schizophrenia. (More)
An accurate assessment of substance use is necessary to make a correct psychiatric diagnosis and to provide appropriate treatment. This study uses meta-analysis to establish the strength of the association between self-reported substance use and the results of laboratory substance assay including the testing for specific substances and screening for any(More)
Recent studies concluded that a significant number of Vietnam era veterans suffer now from a service-related stress disorder. This paper suggests that a priming artifact may have operated in many such studies to confound an understanding of the nature and estimate of the disorder. Findings of a study designed to test the effect of priming on veterans'(More)
BACKGROUND The World Wide Web allows access to patient/care partner perspectives on the lived experience of dementia. We were interested in how symptoms that care partners target for tracking relate to dementia stage, and whether dementia could be staged using only these online profiles of targeted symptoms. OBJECTIVES To use clinical data where the(More)