Glen R. White

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A novel scheme for the focusing of high-energy leptons in future linear colliders was proposed in 2001 [P. Raimondi and A. Seryi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 3779 (2001)]. This scheme has many advantageous properties over previously studied focusing schemes, including being significantly shorter for a given energy and having a significantly better energy(More)
Impromidine (1) is a potent and selective histamine H2 receptor agonist and its structure comprises a strongly basic guanidine group containing two different imidazole-containing side chains. In this paper we report the synthesis of analogues in which both of the side chains and the guanidine group are modified and tested as agonists or antagonists at(More)
In the histamine H2-receptor antagonist metiamide (2a) isosteric replacement of thione sulfur (=S) by carbonyl oxygen (=O) or imino nitrogen (=NH) affords the urea 2c and guanidine 2d which are antagonists of decreased potency. The guanidine is very basic and at physiological pH is completely protonated. However, introduction of strongly electronegative(More)
The goals of ATF2 are to test a novel compact final focus optics design with local chromaticity correction intended for use in future linear colliders. The newly designed extraction line and final focus system will be used to produce a 37nm vertical waist from an extracted beam from the ATF ring of ~30nm vertical normalised emittance, and to stabilise it at(More)
The intelligent network communicator (INC), the mixed signal communication testbed, is presented in this paper. The function of INC testbed is to transmit and receive the mixed signal, which is combination of the high-speed digital and the modulated RF signals, through the optical channel. The organic-material based multi-layer packaging technology,(More)
Using a new extraction line currently under construction, the ATF2 experiment plans to test the novel compact final focus optics design with local chromaticity correction intended for use in future linear colliders. With a 1.3 GeV design beam of 30nm normalised vertical emittance extracted from the ATF damping ring, the primary goal is to achieve a vertical(More)
Measurements of kaons, pions and protons identified using the dE/dx technique have been made in deep-inelastic scattering ep interactions at HERA in the kinematic range 5 < Q < 70 and 10−5 < x < 10−2. Tests of QCD were made possible through the production of transverse momenta and pseudo-rapidity spectra with comparisons made to ARIADNE and LEPTO Monte(More)
This paper presents the performance of 3D packaging solutions based on novel multilayered organic substrates. Electrical performance of embedded RF passives over 950 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range and stability from -40degC to 85degC has been demonstrated in an organic laminate substrate. Stand-alone, high Q inductors built on a multilayered liquid(More)
The primary aim of the ATF2 research accelerator is to test a scaled version of the final focus optics planned for use in next-generation linear lepton colliders. ATF2 consists of a 1.3 GeV linac, damping ring providing lowemittance electron beams (<12pm in the vertical plane), extraction line and final focus optics. The design details of the final focus(More)