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Computer-based clinical decision support (CDS) has great potential for cost savings and for increasing patient safety and quality of care. The cost of owning and particularly maintaining CDS systems is significant. Therefore, it makes good economic sense to share a CDS service installation among a larger set of client systems. The emerging paradigm of(More)
Electronic information integration has the potential to rationalise and improve business processes in many public and private sectors. A key challenge in any information integration task is to resolve the heterogeneity among the semantic terminologies used in the various information sources to be integrated. This paper describes how ontologies can be(More)
Many primary care clinics have transitioned from paper-based record keeping to computer-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. This transition provides opportunities for computer-based data analytics in support of practice improvement and more evidence-based clinical research. Unfortunately, the data in primary care EMRs is often not readily(More)
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