Glen E. Wilson

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The Mars Pathfinder atmospheric structure investigation/meteorology (ASI/MET) experiment measured the vertical density, pressure, and temperature structure of the martian atmosphere from the surface to 160 km, and monitored surface meteorology and climate for 83 sols (1 sol = 1 martian day = 24.7 hours). The atmospheric structure and the weather record are(More)
The nicotinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptors cycle among classes of nonconducting resting states, conducting open states, and nonconducting desensitized states. We previously probed the structure of the mouse-muscle ACh receptor channel in the resting state obtained in the absence of agonist and in the open states obtained after brief exposure to ACh. We now(More)
1. We report here a psychophysical technique for studying the spectral sensitivity of jumping spiders (family Salticidae), based on a newly discovered oculomotor reflex. 2. Our results, obtained from Maevia inclemens (Salticidae), are compatible with electrophysiological findings of retinal cells maximally sensitive in the green and ultraviolet regions of(More)
Secretory cells contain submicroscopic granules composed of a polyanionic polymer network that is collapsed owing to the presence of hydronium ions and weak base cations. The network is encapsulated within a lipid membrane, and functions as a vehicle for the osmotically inert storage of a variety of granule-bound endogenous mediator species, such as(More)
We show that quasimap Floer cohomology for varying symplectic quotients resolves several puzzles regarding displaceability of toric moment fibers. For example, we (i) present a compact Hamiltonian torus action containing an open subset of non-displaceable orbits and a codimension four singular set, partly answering a question of McDuff, and (ii) determine(More)
We describe in detail the processing of a set of images of the z = 0.42 supercluster MS0302 taken with the UH8K camera at CFHT. The result of this is a pair of seamless combined V-and I-band images of the field, along with a characterization of the noise properties and of the point spread function (PSF), and catalogs of ≃ 30, 000 faint galaxies. The(More)
We perform a weak lensing and photometric study of the z = 0.42 supercluster MS0302+17 using deep I and V band images taken with the UH8K CCD mosaic camera at the CFHT. We use archival ROSAT HRI data to estimate fluxes, gas masses and, in one case, the binding mass of the three major clusters. We then use our CCD data to determine the optical richness and(More)