Glen E. Johnson

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P6new physiological criterion for muscular load sharing is developed. The criterion is based on the assumption that the endurance time of muscular contractions is maximized, hence muscular fatigue is minimized. The optimization problem is cast in the form of a linearly constrained, non-linear MINIMAX optimization. The new method predicts that: (1) there is(More)
The use of optimization techniques to predict individual muscle forces in redundant biomechanical systems implies the formulation of a criterion for load sharing between the muscles. In part I of this paper, the characteristics and performance of several linear and non-linear criteria reported in the literature have been compared for static-isometric knee(More)
As is typical of stochastic-optimization problems, the multi-variate integration of the probability-density function is the most difficult task in the optimal allotment of tolerances. In this paper, a truncated Monte Carlo simulation and a genetic algorithm are used as analysis (i.e. multivariate-integration) and synthesis (i.e. optimization) tools,(More)
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